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"The drills teach you how to feel the proper way to play golf. There is not any wasted time or effort."

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Chad Habluetzel

Scoring coach Chad Habluetzel is an expert at motor learning: the science behind the art of golf instruction. Minimize your development time. Have a definite plan and an experienced coach to guide you. Learn how to score!

As a former touring professional, a college golf coach, the author of three books on motor learning and golf instruction, and the co-founder of a leading university-level golf biomechanics lab, Chad uses a unique drill-based mixture of instructional techniques customized precisely to teach you how to score.

As the former head coach of Top 10 ranked men’s and women’s teams as well as the Director of Golf for the Tom Watson Golf Academy, Chad has coached and consulted players who have gone on to achieve All-American, All-Conference, and Championship recognition at the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA levels.

Student Spotlight

"I could hit my wedges on the number. Then, we added 30 yards to my driver and 20 yards to my irons in three months. Every par 4 is 50 yards shorter. Now, I can score." - Taylor L. (Missouri, USA)

"Chad helped me go from the number six player on my high school team to an NCAA Division I player in less than two years!" - Jenny E. (Utah, USA)

"I played for Coach in college. He will work you hard, but it's worth it. I became an All-American." - Murphy S. (California, USA)

Unlimited Coaching

You need more than just an instructor. You need a scoring coach. Scoring is one part skill and one part understanding. To get better, you need to be immersed in the game. Whether it is putting, chipping, pitching, greenside bunker or wedge play, full swing precision or power, you need a scoring coach that is there to provide the understanding, the guidance, and the motivation to help you get better today and every day.

Your subscription to IncreMental Golf provides you with a 24/7 direct connection to Chad Habluetzel through the IncreMental Golf on CoachNow platform. Become a master at getting the most out of your game. Learn to score!

Live Zoom Lessons

Need a lesson? Just make an appointment. Your subscription to IncreMental Golf gives you the lesson time you need when you need it, from your home, your practice area, or your course. Need a 15-minute course management session? How about a 30, 45, or 60-minute full swing or short game session? Just make an appointment. Live Zoom Lessons from IncreMental Golf are the most effective golf lessons you can take. Having an instructional session with your scoring coach is all about retention: improvement going forward, not just on the range in the lesson setting.

Chad Habluetzel literally wrote the book on maximizing retention through the use of multiple motor learning techniques. His Live Zoom Lessons from The Studio at IncreMental Golf maximize your development and minimize your learning curve. Become a member. Let's get started today!

Scoring Academy

Each subscription to IncreMental Golf includes access to the full library of the IncreMental Golf® Online Scoring Academy. This library of over 180 videos is completely unique in the golf world today.

IncreMental Golf uses drill-based instruction featuring specific drill progressions for putting, green reading, chipping, pitching, reading the lie, greenside bunker play, wedge play, scoring specialty shots, scoring games, as well as full swing power and precision, to allow you to have complete scoring instruction in your pocket and on your phone.

Together with your scoring coach, Chad Habluetzel, the IncreMental Golf® Online Scoring Academy will transform your game. Let's score!


Learn from your home, your practice area, or your course.

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